Accordia takes a proactive approach in managing the properties across the portfolio.

With the creation of a comprehensive business plan for each property, we combine physical property management, superior customer service to our tenants, environmentally friendly operations and financial management with an eye towards maximizing the value of the assets under our control.

Our approach remains consistent in taking an owner’s view towards the selective third party assignments we accept from corporations, lenders and institutional owners.


On an annual basis, ARMS prepares a comprehensive business plan which includes an extensive look into the longterm value of the asset. ARMS includes strategic recommendations, budget forecasting and detail, leasing activity, and analysis of the market conditions to provide an overall analysis of the asset. ARMS also internally prepares monthly financial reporting for clients to provide a closer view to the investors with a deeper look into the stability of the asset.


ARMS strives to provide all tenants with superior client service on a daily basis. From the initial interaction of potential tenancy, ARMS provides an easier transition for the tenant. We provide oversight and negotiation of tenant leasing, coordination of the tenant move in process, and maintain a trackable work order system to coordinate all tenant service requests. Additionally, ARMS directly handles all rent collection and accounts payable and receivable.

For the ASSET

With the help of our onsite building engineers, ARMS maintains the facility on a daily basis. While keeping the investors’ interests in mind, the management team works to administer the best services to uphold the quality of the asset. Some of these services include bidding of service contracts, contract administration, and frequent property inspections. Each individual at Accordia works on some level to optimize the value of the asset.