The principals of Accordia have spent over 50 years successfully buying, selling, operating, and leasing all types of commercial real estate. They have a well-established ability to analyze a property’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a strategic plan to make the property succeed both economically and logistically.

Accordia brings these skills to third party situations working with lenders, receivers, corporations – and other owners to add value to each property by treating each as its own.

Some of these specific services include management of the entire property, including the operations, financials, and day-to-day oversight of the property. Accordia prepares annual business plans that assess the current state of the property and project the needs of future improvements. With ownership’s long term investment goals in mind, Accordia works to optimize the best result for ownership.

Property and Asset Management

In 2011, Accordia Realty Ventures formed Accordia Realty Management Services (ARMS). ARMS brings the property management of Accordia’s portfolio in-house while simultaneously answering a demand from third party clients.

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Consulting and Project Services

With over sixty years of combined experience, thousands of acres master planned, and millions of square feet constructed, Accordia works in partnership with corporations, communities and other developers.

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Construction Management

Accordia oversees all aspects of construction and development projects across the portfolio, including Accordia’s joint ventures and third parties. These jobs include both building and tenant improvements.

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