The Accordia team is uniquely qualified to manage the process of urban redevelopment with understanding and commitment to the principles that drive successful projects.

“You cannot work within the community from the outside. You must become personally, as well as economically invested in the community.” – Joseph R. Romano, Principal

Accordia has worked – and demonstrated success – at all levels of the planning and approval process. We have applied the principles below to working with Mayors, planning boards, state and federal congressmen and state and federal agencies from DEP to DOT.

In 2000, Joe Romano conceived the integrated master plan for one of the largest urban redevelopment projects on the east coast, Harrison Metrocentre, a $1 Billion mixed-use project that included residential, retail, office, and entertainment use. That plan won an award for “Smart Growth” planning, a term that had not been invented when the plan was drawn up. To this day, Accordia is still involved with the Township of Harrison in active development projects.

Public & Private Partnership

For large scale urban projects, the developer and the government bodies must work together. Each side must understand what the other needs and what the other can – and can’t – do. These projects work only where both sides win and are willing to compromise for the good of the best development.

Patience & Planning

These are long term projects and there is usually at least one step back for every two steps forward. Understand the long term benefits and stick with the plan. Don’t become short sighted in a long term project. It is imperative to understand the logistical benefits that are part of the community and design an integrated plan that incorporates these aspects – not one that ignores or contradicts them.


Urban projects require the ability to work not just on the municipal level. Decision making is done at the municipal, county, state and federal level. Accordia has the ability and has had good working relationships at all these levels – with the elected officials as well as with the agency officials and staff.

“Development is not about a single building or project; it’s about the integration of that project with its surrounding neighborhoods, communities and people.” -Jason R. Bogart, Principal