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The Accordia team brings extensive experience to the firm, and it's clients, having been involved in every aspect of the investment, development, and
management process. For individual biographies, click on images below.


Joseph R. Romano
Jason R. Bogart
Sarah Loudon
Senior Director of
Christopher Hayes
Senior Real Estate Manager
Arabella Rabbat
Assistant Real Estate Manager
Greg Wovna
Director of
Project Services
Kat Massaro
Joseph R Romano Jason R Bogart Sarah Louden Christopher Hayes Arabella Rabbat Greg Wovna Kat Massaro
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Sarah Louden, Senior Director of Leasing

As Accordia’s Senior Director of Leasing, Sarah’s major role with the company is managing all leasing efforts across the portfolio. She works daily with the Exclusive Agents for each property developing and executing marketing strategies. Sarah is responsible for all aspects of leasing from working with legal counsel to prepare LOI‘s, Lease documents, and commission agreements, to space planning with the tenant.

In addition to leasing, Sarah works closely with the principals to source, underwrite and execute new acquisitions. Her involvement includes early analysis of potential assets and development projects, generating current market data, and maintaining investor relations from contract negotiations through Due Diligence and the entire period of ownership.

Her roles within the company also include managing Accordia’s corporate marketing and maintaining the company’s website.

Sarah graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.

Sarah is a licensed New Jersey Real Estate Agent.


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